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Rear-Container Washer
- Rear-container cleaner for cleaning the inside and outside of a mobile container
- 6.000 litres stainless steel tank for clean water
- 5000 litre tank for dirty water
- Self-priming pump and filtration unit for the dirty water in the circuit which refills the tank
- Stainless steel cleaning chamber with automatic sealing doors and unloading valve
- Automatic side-arm grip, activated in the driver’s cab
- Cleaning unit inside the containers with a high pressure mobile arm and rotating head; exterior cleaning unit with a stabilizer bar and “brush” nozzle
- Sequential cleaning unit with the possibility to program the timing of the cycles
- Hydro functions managed electronically
- Control panel inside the driver monitors attached to 4 external video cameras

Standard Equipment/ Bin Lifter types
- Interior and exterior cleaning of stationary containers with standard attachments up to 1700 litres
- Rear footboard

Specifications :

  • Volume of body : 6.000 litres
  • Chassis : With driver’s cab for medium line
  • MTT : 15-16 Ton

Available in :

  • Tanzania
  • Kenya
  • Malawi
  • Ethiopia