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When we set out to design our new hydraulic excavators, we kept our eyes on the big picture. Of course we wanted machines with greater digging capacity. But they also had to be fuel-efficient and economical, while imposing less of a burden on the local and global environments.

Applying our advanced technologies, we developed SK series, an entirely new kind of excavator that beautifully balances all the demands of today’s construction industry.

Lean and efficient with capacity to spare, these sleek powerhouses bring a whole new style to the worksite while setting new standards for environmental responsibility.

Specifications :

  • Engine : 184 hp
  • Operating weight : 24,600KG
  • Bucket capacity : 0.81 – 1.4 m3 ISO heaped
  • Range : Medium
  • Hydraulic System : Two variable displacement pumps + 1 gear pump
  • Travel System : 2 X axial-piston, two-step motors