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The new Climma DC Inverter chiller is the result of careful design and innovation based on over 40 years manufacturing experience to optimise the energy efficiency of marine air-conditioning chillers. Climma’s DC chiller is driven by their unique water cooled inverter lowering the power requirement by up to 50% compared to traditional chillers.

Variable Output from a Single Air-conditioning Unit
Climma’s new DC chiller is programmed to run at the optimum speed; depending on the heat load requirements, the compressor frequency varies controlling the output capacity from 10,000 to 50,000 Btu.

Unique Water Cooled Inverter Compressor
Unique in the marine industry, Climma’s water cooled inverter protects the compressor from excessive temperature and irregular voltage supply, allowing it to be installed in the engine room without additional ventilation.

Climma Intelligent Control
Heating and cooling capacity is managed by the Climma Intelligent Control unit (CIC) which uses specially configured algorithms to ensure maximum efficiency.

Eco modeClimma_CWS_DC specifiche
Climma DC chillers provide further efficiency gain through a special ECO mode.
ECO mode enables the chiller to work when only a courtesy/night generator is working or even while on the dock with a limited shore power supply.

No Start Load
Climma DC chiller requires no additional amps to start the compressor.

Specifications :

  • Weight : 48 kg
  • Height : 453 mm
  • Width :
  • Cool Mode : 3 - 14 kW

Available in :

  • UAE and GCC