IVECO Trakker with Eurotronic gearbox launched by SMAG

Iveco presented the Iveco Trakker EuroTronic in Dubai. The launch event was very well attended, attracting the main specialist publications and more than 150 customers from across the country representing municipalities, construction businesses, quarries, transport operators and other operations interested in the brand’s latest generation of off-road vehicles for extreme off-road missions.

The event, organised by Iveco distributor Saeed Mohammed Al Ghandi & Sons (SMAG) in the Dubai Autodrome, made the most of the facilities to showcase the extensive Trakker range. Participants also hadthe opportunity to experience the outstanding comfort of the cab and the vehicle’s driving performance on the Autodrome race track.

A selection of Trakker variants were on display, highlighting the total flexibility of this range, basically a model for every mission. The star of the launch, the Trakker EuroTronic, was flanked by four Trakker AD380 models in different configurations: tipper, compactor, water tanker and mixer. Similar units were also available for test driving.

Not only the Trakker was on display and test drive, in fact the event was the occasion to represent the complete Iveco line up including medium and light vehicle ranges, with the Eurocargo and Daily in different configurations.

The Trakker was designed to meet the customers’ needs for strength and reliability in all extreme off- road missions with a Gross Vehicle Weight ranging from 18 to 70 ton 41 ton and Gross Combination Weight up to 70 ton.

The real innovation of the new Trakker is the Stralis-based cabin that offers On Road level of comfort associated with Off Road performances.

The EuroTronic automated gearbox offers significant advantages. It can be used in full or semi automatic mode. The automatic gearshift is calculated according to load conditions, road conditions and driving style, so that vehicle performance, fuel consumption and comfort are optimised. The gear speeds are synchronised by electronic adaptation of the engine speed, which is much faster than synchronisation by friction. This is ideal in construction sites where the vehicle has to climb because the loss of speed is minimal. If the driver wishes to maintain the same ratio over a difficult stretch, he can switch over to semiautomatic mode to control the gear changes. With EuroTronic, the driver can focus entirely on the driving, there is no need to take the hands off the steering wheel, and the vehicle is performing at its most efficient at all times. The result is high comfort and reduced fatigue for the driver, as well as great fuel efficiency and low operating costs, in other words, safety and profitability.

With the introduction of the Eurotronic gear box, the Trakker range is wider than ever, boasting a product offering that allows customers to tailor the product to their specific mission. The range includes the Cursor 13 engines and 2 cabins (Hi-Land and Hi-Track). Rigid truck versions are available in 4x2, 4x4, 6x4, 6x6, 8x4 and 8x8 configurations with power ratings from 380 to 440hp. Tractor versions are available in 4x2, 4x4, 6x4 and 6x6 configurations with power ratings from 380 to 440hp.